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Bethlehem Artworks

Supporting Christians Throughout The Holy Land

We are a group of volunteers from Bethlehem � the Holy Land and our ministry is to support the Christian families living in the Holy cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem by visiting the churches, providing information about the Christians of the Holy Land and selling their handmade olive wood and mother of pearl religious articles.

You may know that 80% of our Christian brother’s and sister’s depends on tourism for their livelihood. Due to the war conditions, clashes and the separation wall around Bethlehem, tourists are unable to come. It made it very difficult for the Christian families to find their daily bread and causes them to immigrate and flee their homeland. The Christian population of the Holy Land was once over 65%, today it is less than 1%. If it continues like this, in few years you will find no Christians in the land of Christ, which could cause tragic consequences to our faith and holy sites.

Our ministry is to help these Christian families survive and stay in their homeland, to do this we travel, visit churches, and sell these beautiful articles they hand carve like Nativities, rosaries, figures, crosses and much more.


Sincerely in Christ,

Bethlehem Artworks